1. We live in a world where the same people who think it is wrong for adult children to be financially dependent on their parents think welfare is a good thing.

2. How many times does this have to happen before supposedly brilliant people stop calling Palin ‘dumb’? You see, I think this issue (everyone calling her dumb) is bigger than Sarah Palin. It betrays the hypocrisy and misogyny of a liberalism that purports to be about the rights and dignity of women but only if those women are in lock step.

3. Did you hear? Cam Newton is now the main subject in a terror probe.

4. The most significant moment of my life happened about 2000 years before I was born.

5.  I saw two of my former students yesterday and I would have had to have been their Dad to be more proud of them.

6. There is nothing so common as leaves. But they are full of wonder.

7. Wait. I was wrong.

8. My friend Anita has a good blog that keeps getting better.

9. Mission?

10. I don’t miss facebook or Twitter. At all.