Over a month ago I took a break from facebook and Twitter. I did not get rid of my accounts, I still respond to most messages and I use them both to publish posts from my blog. But my presence their is almost at nil. I don’t read other people’s status’ (stati?) or post a status on facebook. And my only tweets on Twitter are links to my blog.

The decision to do this was not made in a vacuum. For months, I had been going back and forth about some kind of change. For the most part, neither form of social media was enjoyable like it had been. And I began to be jealous of those who were not using Twitter and facebook. And can I be a little honest? I got a little weary of almost everyone who added me on facebook and Twitter thinking I was someone else.

So I pretty much quit. And I have not missed it at all. This surprised me. I imagined waking up in the fetal position for the first few weeks and needing a 12 step program. But it was easy, really. The desire to post every clever thought was with me for a couple of weeks. (You would not believe how many clever thoughts I have.) But that is gone for the most part.

The main result is that I find myself reading more. I’m back to knocking out 2 or more sizable books a week. I look into the eyes of my wife and kids more. And I have fewer regrets about saying something worthless for hundreds to read.

Let me add, I do not look down on anyone for not following me in this decision. I make no judgments about those who use facebook and Twitter. I don’t even think they would necessarily be happier if they gave ’em up. I have not shown more self control. I have not shown more spirituality by this. It is simply my decision and mine alone.