Random Thoughts for Wednesday

1. In case you were wondering, this is on my wish list.

2. Wait, they still make Zunes?

3. When Jesus said to not practice your righteousness before men, he probably meant facebook and Twitter also.

4. Tryptophan is in my near future.

5. It’s fun when your team is undefeated but not near as fun as when the expectations are lowered and the microscope is on everyone else.

6. I drove by an SUV last night that had vastly more TVs screens in it than my house.

7. I cannot wait to read this.

8. I have yet to find in Paul’s in letters a command to do personal evangelism. Still looking.

9. If Cam Newton is guilty, I’ll eat bacon.

10. Did I mention how much I want this?

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts for Wednesday

  1. Elizabeth November 17, 2010 / 3:40 pm

    I really enjoy reading you blog…it's always entertaining and thought provoking! In your opinion what does #3 look like? I've been thinking about this lately, I try to put something of eternal value on Facebook from time to time. I want it to be for God's glory not mine, but I do enjoy having whatever I put out there "liked" or getting comments. Any thoughts?

  2. Matt B. Redmond November 17, 2010 / 5:48 pm

    Elizabeth,I think it is entirely appropriate to celebrate the righteousness of Christ in this way. However, the problem comes when we flaunt our righteousness before others. Why not instead flaunt (boast?) our unrighteousness and need of Christ's righteousness credited to us.Thanks for reading and the kind words.

  3. Jeremy November 17, 2010 / 7:58 pm

    What will you do if Newton is innocent? Bacon sounds equally good. Also, I find #8 interesting, where are you going with that line of thinking?

  4. kristen November 18, 2010 / 12:15 am

    I got the Beatles box set on CD for Christmas last year, it was on sale for $100 then, I think it's still cheaper on CD than from itunes, just teach your oldest child to load them and you'll have hard copies and the MP3s!

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