1. An underlying theme in While You Were Sleeping is “falling.” Throughout the film people and objects are falling down: ice-skater during opening, Lucy’s tree, Peter onto the tracks, kid on bike, Joe Jr. in Lucy’s closet (x2), vase in Peter’s apartment, Lucy and Jack on the ice in front of her apartment, Ashley Bartlett Bacon almost falls in the hospital hallway, Nurse falls when Peter asks Lucy to marry him.

2. My 4 year old son asks if he can open presents every morning when he gets up.

3. We – my family – have already listened to ‘Must Be Santa‘ by Bob Dylan 7435 times.

4. Christmas lights should be year-round.

5. If you are wondering why I know all this about number 1 above, my wife and I have a tradition of watching it every year.

6. Food as gifts. Genius.

7. My favorite part of the Christmas story is Mary’s ‘Magnificat.’

8. It’s true that people are trying to do away with Christmas in the ‘public square’ but it’s also true you are very likely to hear The Bare Naked Ladies Singing about Jesus this time of year.

9.  My kids have already broke three ornaments.

10. I watched Charlie Brown Christmas instead of the Iron Bowl on Saturday.