1. The only problem with putting up Xmas lights is the putting them up.

2. Dear Magic 96 FM, There are more Christmas songs not by Wham, Mariah Carey and Annie Lennox than are.

3. I may or may not have eaten a peanut butter, cheese and bacon sandwich this weekend.

4. Dear young pastors, Read Eugene Peterson’s books for pastors. (See comments for list.)

5. OK, I admit it – I was wrong to think Auburn was crazy to hire Chizik.

6. Auburn fan or not, the saddest part about Cam Newton’s father trying to sell Cam to the highest bidder is that he is a pastor.

7. Conviction over consensus.

8.  Tired of waiting for the new U2 album.

9. The problem with our comedian culture is now you can say anything and it’s alright as long as you are funny.

10. After a while we finally made fun of all the cheesy marketing of Christian virtues (God’s Gym, A Crumb and A Fish, etc.) of the 80’s and 90’s. Now how long will it take for us to do that with all the UFC allusions?