Random Thoughts – Winter Storm Edition

1. I am trying to think of something worse than being stuck in the house with 3 small children and no power – nothing is coming to mind.

2. If we get an ice storm and lose power, I’m blaming George W. Bush.

3. Soooo, do I look like a fool now and go get lots of batteries and other essentials or look like a fool later and play it cool now?

4. I can’t believe I paid all that money for a new TV and it does not take batteries.

5. The good news about losing power is that if the power goes out, we have to – so as to not be wasteful – eat what is in the fridge. Also, because of all those kids in China starving.

6. Here is a shot of me on Monday morning.

7.  I think this is the fifth snow Birmingham has gotten since we moved back just over a year ago. You can thank me in the comment section.

8. If Steve Jobs cared about those of us who could might possibly be caught in winter storm without power, he would provide tethering.

9. You know all those people who are frown-faced naysayers who say, “I’ll believe it’s going to snow when I see it!”? I say we call them, Eustace Scrubb.

10. In light of my first thought, I wonder how the grandparents would fare with the kids…

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