I like Radiohead. Really, I do. But I can’t be the only one who thinks something is amiss in the new album. Critics schmitics. It’s just plain weird. Just because people keep saying ‘genius’ over and over again will not magically make it so. Is the album interesting? Well, yeah. But so is the waterless toilet at the new library. I’ll probably listen to it a few more times just to be sure… but I’m not holding out any hope.


2. Songs That Make You Wish You Were Listening to Justin Bieber

3. For Critics

4. Wait…What?

5. 8 Pseudo-Songs You Paid 9 For

6. And You Thought the Cover Was Weird

7. Melody Schmelody

8. The Emperor Has No Clothes

9. Pulling The Wool Over

10. The New Ivory Tower

Do you have any other suggestions for a title? Leave ’em in the comments.

Do you like it? Why? And ‘because it is Radiohead’ is not a valid answer. 😉