Tuesday’s Random Thoughts

1. Most churches talk about what they are going to do or what God will do if you do something. Rarely is the talk characterized by what God has done and is doing regardless of anything else.

2. In our present culture you can criticize Capitalism and tweet or update your fb status about your excitement over your brand name shoes. And no one even notices.

3. I have a long way to go to get to a peaceful soul.

4. Young evangelicals like to see the spark of faith when unbelieving artists use words like “grace,” “mercy” and “love” but will not look for it in those whose theology they disagree with.

5. My son whines about going to t-ball and then whines when it is over.

6. Just got my car fixed and looking forward to a month of not having to get it fixed.

7. Pizza has mystical healing properties.

8. So does the voice of Billie Holiday.

9. If it is not enough that your church administers the sacraments, prays together, preaches the word faithfully and spends time in fellowship together then it is not a church you are looking for.

10. There is no bacon. – saying of a sad Zen Master

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