No Random Thoughts Today After the Storm

Normally I would post my Random Thoughts for Thursday. But not today.

Right now they are saying 128 have been killed in my state as a result of Tornados. Much of my hometown of Birmingham and the towns surrounding it have been devastated. We are being asked to conserve water in the area because the Birmingham Water Works has lost some of it’s power. There are thousands upon thousands without power and in some areas they say the smell of gas fills the air causing many to stay outside. Some cannot get out of or into their neighborhood.

We ourselves were not directly affected by last night’s storms. The ‘excitement’ for us took place before the sun came up yesterday morning. The sirens went off, we checked the weather. While doing so, lightning flashed and what was just dark sky a minute before was now freakishly green. So we grabbed the baby and headed downstairs to huddle with the oldest two. The effect was only a few limbs in our yard but many of our neighbors in Bluff Park had multiple trees fall – some on their homes.
We are very thankful that we are safe and our families and friends are safe. But many, many lives will be changed as a result of yesterday’s events. Please pray for the towns of Tuscaloosa, Cullman, Hueytown, Pleasant Grove and Birmingham and all the others affected.
Below is frightening video of the tornado that ripped through Tuscaloosa and the Birmingham metro area.

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