(This is part five of a series of posts: onetwothree, four.)

I want a peaceful soul.

And after thinking about it, maybe peace does not look like anything particular. Or better, it looks like all things reconciled. No friction between any two things. And maybe this is why Jesus is the picture of peace itself. One so at peace with himself, with God, with the Universe itself and with people – it would make sense that he would be peace personified. He created us. He is the one we rebelled against from tree to tree. He is the One in Whom we gain peace with God, the Father. No wonder he is called our Peace, the Prince of Peace and consistently bids us peace.

So, as I watch this Jesus – this man of peace, I see the need for peace in four particular spheres of my life that spill out onto the banks of everywhere else.

Peace with God.

Peace with others.

Peace with the Universe.

Peace with myself.

None will come without a fight. In fact, I assume the path to a peaceful soul is a violent one. There are no frictionless relations. The Universe has yet to bend to my will fully though I fancy a center place. And I know full well my own battle-ready self. No, the shores of a soul at peace must know the waves will crash again and again.

Is there a bulwark hardy enough to withstand the relentless pulsing sea of war on my soul? Yes. And it wields it’s strength in a story. Not a formula. But a story, where I come in late but am found in nonetheless.

Nonetheless. And knowing this is the beginning of the very peace I am after.