Random Thoughts for Thursday

1. I think fries should be served with pizza.

2. Shouldn’t it be “debt floor” instead?

3. It may be true that the bigger they are the harder they fall. But it is also true that the the bigger they are the more untouchable they are.

4. I keep thinking of Lionel Richie when I read about the debt ceiling.

5. How come every movie isn’t as awesome as Silverado?

6. Yesterday a number of people ended up on my blog because they searched for “cokkie crisp cereal.”

7. Look, I don’t like spanking my kids either but…Angry Birds!

8. I have now read a number of people say we should not be reading those vicious anti-SGM attack sites full of nothing but angry, spiteful, disgruntled people. What is wrong with this statement?

9. I didn’t really believe in the circle of life till I saw my kids laughing hard at Tom & Jerry this morning.

10. Shrimp wrapped in bacon.

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