10 Thoughts About Tuesday September 11, 2001

I know it isn’t Tuesday. But it iss a Tuesday I want to reflect on. Here are 10 thoughts for that day:

1. I find myself emotionally staggering between the desire to not forget that day and the near paralyzing fear of watching video of the towers being hit and then falling.

2. Bethany was sent home from work because she worked for a financial institution. We only had one car so I skipped class and picked her up in silence. So we spent most of that day glued to the TV. But at some point we had to get out. So we took our bikes down to the Katy Trail just west of St. Louis and rode till the dark came. All that calm and quiet and beauty was good for us.

3. I can remember being very glad Bush was our President. And I’m still glad he was.

4. It is easy for  us…me to poke fun at those who reacted with bravado and a simple desire to defend our country and whip the tails of America’s enemies. But such a reaction may be far more profound than the detached philosophical posture so en vogue today.

5. It is impossible to take seriously the position of those who think we should have taken no military action in response. Sometimes you have to do things you will never enjoy for the good of others.

6. I remember only being able to smile as a nervous habit over the next few days.

7. The most painful images are still those of people having to jump from the Twin Towers. One moment they were working and then they were having to decide whether to burn in unimaginable fiery temperatures or hurl their bodies into the sky and experience the cool breeze previous to instant death. That is why they call it terrorism.

8. Just eight days earlier we had casually flown in from a labor day vacation.  Because of my own fears and precautions taken by airports no flight since has been casual.

9. Less than 3 years later I spent some time at Ground Zero. I wanted to go but I did not enjoy it and was eager to leave. I felt as though I was gawking at a fresh wound.

10. We checked in with our parents at some point during the day knowing we were enjoying a luxury now thousands could not afford.

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