And it’s the first of many. I’m mentally exhausted.

But I’m really thankful.
I’m thankful that long before now I began recognizing there is a spirituality in doing this kind of work. And it’s not a less-than spirituality but one in which we created for. A spirituality which pushes back the fall and expands the kingdom. This is a little sliver of the gospel I’m having to remind myself of.
I’m having to put my money where my mouth is…very literally. But I’m glad. Lord knows — and probably y’all do too —how much I need the humility. Not because the job itself is humiliating. No, it’s my absolute and utter ignorance of the field I’m working in now which is humbling. 
I could talk at length on most subjects theological, educational, philosophical, artistic and literary. And I could do it without making a fool of myself. But now? Geez…the 22 year old training next to me is moving far more quickly through the curriculum than me.
Have I mentioned how humbling this is?
By the way, I know this seems a little Narcissistic. Believe me. I can feel that pull. But I keep getting notes telling me how helpful all these thoughts are to people — pastors and no. So bear with me for a few days.

And thanks for all your prayers.