I’ve been working in Corporate America for all of 3 days now. Here are some thoughts.

1. It’s weird when a meeting starts and no one prays.

2. My ability to concentrate on what I’m reading is hindered by the very fact I understand so little of what I’m reading.

3. Around every corner I seem to spy someone who looks lonely or sad.

4. Last night we watched Jane Eyre. Mr. St. John asks Jane what she will do with all her fine accomplishments as she teaches the cottager’s daughters. Her reply? “I will keep them till they are needed.”

5. Just about everyone is ahead of me in the training curriculum.

6. I find that I like having a period of the day when I am busy but when that period is over, the bliss of home.

7. Every badge represents a soul.

8. I’ve shaved more in the last week than in the previous 3 weeks combined.

9. I’ve worn a tie twice this week and I still have no idea what it is for.

10. My kids are excited about the free suckers.