Tuesday’s 10: Reflections After A Week

Some reflections after a week or so:

1. This time last week I knew less than the average person about banking. Now I know just enough to be dangerous.

2. While I’m taking these tests I feel as if I’m failing them but each time I do really well. This is a new sensation for me…doing well on tests.

3. So far the hardest part of my job is the ironing.

4. Yesterday was such a long a day of testing, I got emotional over one of the fictional scenarios I had to help a fictional widower with.

5. It surprises me how much I like what I’m learning.

6. I didn’t even think about facebook or Twitter yesterday while working. My head was full of Time Deposits, IRAs and Bacon.

7. I keep thinking about that show The Nine.

8. I signed up for a license yesterday and I am not really all that sure what it is for.

9. My PC skills are less than stellar.

10. My mom was a lending officer, maybe it’s in my blood.

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