Bonus Random Thoughts

1. Was working on article for today but got tired so you get these instead. Sorry.

2. My kids love their teachers. What the heck is wrong with them?

3. Reading bio of Steve Jobs. He was a megalomaniac. But he gave us the iPad so I still love him.

4. I’ve never taken drugs and therefore never felt the euphoria or enlightenment you supposedly can get. But it’s the only comparison I can think of when trying to explain the experience of listening to Billie Holiday.

5. Saw X-Men: First Class. I was underwhelmed to be honest but surprised to see Kevin Bacon playing the…….ummmmm, bacon.

6. In an effort to try and and empathize with the OWS protestors I wore the same pants two days in a row. And now I find myself upset about everything from the cancellation of New Coke to the lack of men’s size Bobba Fett pajamas.

7. I still want a peaceful soul. And I just kinda assume the path meanders much like the curves and contours of Louis Armstrong’s trumpet.

8. Read a thanksgiving report of one of Emma’s classmates tonight at her Open House. In it she she said she was thankful for her best friend Emma. I almost cried like a little schoolgirl.

9. I bet customers would never get upset with me if I talked like Liam Neeson.

10. Gonna go ahead and put aside – so they’ll stay clean – that special pair of pants for Thanksgiving day.

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