Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. Who thought up “boogie man ” as synonymous for something scary?

2. I know you don’t think I’m a “gamer” but my win/loss ratio on spider solitaire says otherwise.

3. Watched The Dark Knight again last night. So unrealistic. Bank vaults don’t look like that.

4. If I had made fun of of the Occupy Denver protestors by saying they will most likely elect a dog as their leader, someone would have thought me unkind. And then they go and do it.

5. How come there are not more shows about Ninjas? With throwing stars?

6. Dear Joe Paterno, Thank you for making it easier for a pedophile to molest young boys but also fanning the flames of cynicism in a burned-over culture.

7. Tired of waiting on new Batman movie. And shows with ninjas.

8. Hermain Cain is proof positive liberals do not really care about diversity. They only wield it as a weapon against those they would have power over.

9. Every time I read/hear “Herman Cain” I get really hungry for pizza.

10. I apologize for no references to bacon or Star Wars in this edition of TRT.

Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. After downloading Flipboard for iPad I may never communicate with my family again.

2. My only demand for #OWS is moving Monday Night Football to any other station besides ESPN.

3. All I want for Christmas is for my kids to like Springsteen.

4. My kids now no longer want to play with the ipod or the itouch, they only have eyes for one gadget.

5. I know I’m going to take some heat for this but I’m going to cast my lot into the idea that the OWS protestors are more violent and racist than The Tea Party. There, I said it.

6. I may like Star Wars references more than the actual movies.

7. Had a customer tell me she loved me yesterday. Don’t worry, I told my wife. She is OK with my awesome customer service skills coupled with natural animal magnetism.

8. Owned an iPad for a week now. Can’t imagine how I was able to survive without it.

9. I may like the turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce after Thanksgiving more than the actual meal.

10. I assume a higher quality of life without the NBA.

A Pastor Goes Looking for Humiliation: Part 2

While staring at my feet – which by the way were fixed in scuffed up black wing-tips – it hit me again. Maybe not as heavily as before but there was weight nonetheless.

I’m starting over.

I was sitting in a nondescript room used for training. Eighteen of us sat wrapped around a horseshoe set of mitred tables. Most were much younger than myself. And for the most part they nodded as if they understood.

The scuff marks on my well-worn shoes had my own eyes running over them again and again. Their age and wear an echo of my own. Are shoes only as old as they feel?

But then something happened.

I embraced the difficulty and confusion. I still want a peaceful soul and this seemed to be the only path heading in the direction. So I embraced feeling foolish and ignorant and weak. All of it. I owned it. No faking it.

And it felt great really. This should make sense to those who worship the God who is strong for the weak. Even if hard to breathe life into.

The temptation in every situation is to be strong. Doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. We want to be competent, be seen as able and celebrated for our ability. Being singled out as clueless in the room is to spend time in the valley of the shadow of death. And the fear of this happening may be worse.

For some reason we celebrate humility but have no room for humiliation. I’m not suggesting we should pursue it so much as make room room for it. Make space for even the things we naturally want to avoid. A woman may avoid a broken heart by never loving. I could avoid humiliation by doing something more immediately and obviously suited to my gifts.

What gets in the way of a peaceful soul and embracing the humiliation is my own desire for immediate satisfaction and significance. I’m OK with the cross as long as the crown is simultaneous.

This should sound familiar.

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Tuesday’s 10: Random Thoughts

In an effort to keep you, my brilliant readers on your toes, today’s 10 will be random thoughts. The pessimists will feel cheated. The optimists get two for the price of the one and everyone else misses out.

1. I’m using a third party iPad to do this, if it doesn’t work I’ll be blaming Wall Street.

2. Nothing scarier than the thought of having to watch CSI:Miami.

3. Got an iPad on Thursday and finally looked up yesterday.

4. Every discussion about illegal immigration should begin with the fact that laws involving boundaries have been disregarded. We all need to think long and hard about that.

5. For my birthday, my wife made me chocolate-covered bacon and pralines with bacon and I fell in love with her all over again.

6. Educational cartoons are the worst. I assume a causation.

7. I am experiencing what the experts call “post birthdayweek blues” and I am looking into medication.

8. Tried to write down all the unwritten rules and poof!!! they disappeared.

9. “What is the meaning of life?” has been replaced by “Why would anyone willingly choose to not use a Mac?

10. All I want for Christmas is a jet pack.

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