Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. The media doesn’t really like Lady Gaga or her music. They just like the way she shocks middle America.

2. I keep buying and returning iPad cases. I may have a problem.

3. My buddy Sean has been out of the office all week. So we have not been able to chat through lotus notes. It’s been a long week.

4. Most people who have as little money as we do, do not get to live in their dream house as we do.

5. When you get an iPad for your birthday in late October, it is easy to not be materialistic about the Holidays. Think about it.

6. I mentally makes notes in my head about how things remind me of Harry Potter.

7. For some reason I’ve gotten a lot done at work this week.

8. Bought an app this week which doesn’t work too well. I blame liberals and El NiƱo.

9. Pretty excited about being able to watch Antiques Roadshow on the iPad. Boom.

10. People keep giving me bacon-flavored everything except…bacon.