Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. My best friend of 32 years lives in Iowa and I still get it mixed up with Idaho. The state, not him. His name doesn’t sound anything like Idaho.

2. If I was going to join a cult, it might be the one called “People Who Want to Elect Ron Paul.”

3. My least favorite way to hear an article described is “thoughtful.” It says more about the person saying it than the actually article.

4. I love eating my Christmas presents.

5. Sometimes I weigh expected profit of putting kids on eBay vs. what DHR will do.

6. Spent a lot of good quality time with friends lately. No wonder I feel rich.

7. The King’s Speech is the best movie I saw last year. And it will most likely be the best movie I will see this year.

8. It is impossible to take seriously all the “the gospel is the only thing” talk from the celebrity pastors when they are consistently being controversial about things other than the gospel.

9. The most extreme position in modern American politics is thinking the belief that marriage should only be between a man and a woman is an extreme position

10. I didn’t do a random thought on bacon because I don’t want to be known as a one trick pony.

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