1. Got another tweet from Dale Murphy last night. Which is a dream come true. As a kid back in the 80s I’d watch him play on TBS and think, “Wow, I’d love to get a tweet from him.”

2. Grammar rules are for the little people. We can’t say ‘midgets’ anymore, right?

3. This week I’ve eaten quiche twice, drank hot tea, read a poem and started Jane Eyre. I’m afraid Driscoll is going to tweet, “Farewell Matt Redmond.”

4. You don’t think Murph thinks I’m the Christian singer, do you?

5. I go back and forth with Gingrich…I mean sometimes I’m reminded of Monty Python but sometimes I immediately think of fruit cookies.

6. I may or may not be looking over my wife’s shoulder while she peruses Pinterest right now.

7. Not all that glitters is glitter.

8. Wait, do Mormons listen to CCM?

9. My wife showed me a bacon recipe on Pinterest and didn’t pin it. I don’t even know her anymore.

10. The laughter of my children has all the magic of stars at eye-level.