DA Carson Responds to Driscoll’s Criticism of Pastoral Ministry in Britain

Since I have been critical of groups like the TGC for silence on controversies bearing on it’s members (CJ Mahaney and Driscoll), I thought it should be pointed out that D.A. Carson has responded to Mark Driscoll’s criticisms of pastoral ministry in Britain. He is, of course, gracious – calling Driscoll a “friend” – and he is exacting, pointing out leaders and movements by name who are doing faithful pastoral in Britain.

Back when I wrote this, my first piece for The Gospel Coalition, Carson’s father, who was a pastor and the subject of Carson’s Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor, was in the forefront of my thinking. When Driscoll insulted the work of faithful British pastors working quietly in their little corners of the world, this work was the first I thought of.
So I really, really appreciate Carson’s response.
But (you knew there would be this “But…”) I would have liked to have seen something a little more than a post about him possibly not reading the situation correctly. This was not merely an error born of ignorance but also insults born out of arrogance.  Until someone within TGC takes this head on, the perception will continue – you can be as insulting as you want as long as you are Reformed and missional.

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