1. A copy of the Mona Lisa (contemporary with the one we already knew) has been discovered.

2. I almost lost it when reading this article about T.S. Eliot being a banker.

3. The best Charles Dickens characters.

4. Church or Cult? An article about Mars Hill in Seattle

5. The man, who accused CJ Mahaney and other SGM leaders of blackmail, speaks out.

6. Photos from an abandoned leper colony just outside of Queens, NY.

7. For ‘Downton Abbey’ fans – 10 facts about the show’s real castle.

8. From Mark Twain to Ray Bradbury, Iconic Writers on Truth vs. Fiction

9. If you have an iPad and you love Jazz, I highly recommend this.

10. My wife is making these for you to buy and give to either yourself (if you’re a girl) or you’re significant other (if you’re a boy). Please, my daughter needs braces.

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