Tuesday’s 10: Celebrating Charles Dickens at 200

Another blog post for the literary among you…I mean, of my 10 readers (Hi, Mom!) certainly a couple of you enjoy reading about old books by long dead authors and such as that. And besides today is too important.

It’s Charles Dicken’s 200th birthday.
My first introduction to Dickens was through A Christmas Carol, either through a cathode ray or a cheap volume of Christmas ghost stories I read straight through in High School, one holiday break. I’ve not the exposure most have – outside of some short stories, Great Expectations and Our Mutual Friend, I’ve read nothing else. My wife and I have watched many versions of BBC, etc. adaptations of his works over and over, giving us a bird’s eye view of his genius with character and humor.
It’s impossible for me decide to if I like Great Expectations, Pip seems to be always with me though. Could be the case of a difficult story told really well. But the stories seem to stay with me and the characters as well, like friends from a former life weaving back in again from time to time, continually tying me to them.
So, today I’m posting 10 links to stories from around the world about the celebration of this monumental day. Tonight, I start another of his novels.

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