Tuesday’s 10: Reasons not to do a Tuesday’s 10

I don’t feel like blogging at all this week. It’s gonna be a chore. All I wanna do is read and complain about work and get ready for the Chieftains concert on Saturday night.

But the crowds will demand a Tuesday’s 10. So here we go – ten reasons to not do Tuesday’s 10.

1. I have to count all day at work. It’s hard, counting. Why would I want to do it on my blog?

2. Today is Fat Tuesday and I have a lot of indulgent reveling to do.

3. Pitchers and Catchers have reported to camp. I have no idea why this would mean no blogging, I’m just glad they have done so.

4. To spite all of you read only my funny and controversial stuff and never the essays of literary greatness destined to be enshrined in the halls of obscure blogdom.

5. I am under church discipline at Mars Hill and have yet to sign the contract.

6. If I blog, it will take away from time telling you on facebook and twitter how difficult Lent will be for me.

7. Blogging is narcissistic. (I, of course, don’t believe this.)

8. I have 4,763 articles on Jeremy Lin in my blog reader.

9. If I blog today and it’s awesome, you will miss out on all the other great blogs out there. You know, the ones talking about the noetic, redemptive, eschatological effect of the new film directed by Sean Penn’s son’s dentist’s dog’s former owner’s best friend. Hermeneutically speaking, of course.

10.  There is a new indie band with a ridiculously weird name and quirky lyrics dealing with “faith” I need to listen to. This never happens, so I must leave off blogging.

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