Next week on the blog

Consider this a post getting you ready for a slew of posts.

A number of you have wanted a little more from me regarding what is going with Mars Hill Church in Seattle. (And I can only assume a few want me to say nothing.) So far I’ve only pointed you to what is happening and been revealed. Important enough, I think. But there is much more to be said. So next week – starting Monday – I’ll try to answer the question, “Why does it matter?”

Why does it matter what a church in Seattle does?

I may say more. And hopefully what I say will point people to the grace we all crave. I’m hoping for hope. As much as I just want rail and throw stones, I’ll try not to do that. You’ll probably hear the echoes of what sounds like it but maybe it’s the sound of the rubble being pulled away.

Over the past few days, I’ve heard from a number of you. Lots off hurt souls out there, still bearing tender scars. A few pastors reeling. Many feel betrayed. Too many for us to be comfortable with.

Oh, and for those who think I’m talking about this too much or shouldn’t be talking about it all, feel free to go over to The Gospel Coalition site, Desiring God, etc. They are doing a fine job of not discussing Mars Hill.

One thought on “Next week on the blog

  1. Brady March 23, 2012 / 6:38 pm

    Thanks Matt. Will come back to read Monday.

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