Random Thoughts

1. Today is warmer than yesterday, I blame climate change.

2. You know what’s sad? I am comforted by the fact that even though I had to go to the DMV yesterday, I was not at work. Probably not alone in that, and that’s not comforting.

3. Baseball season ended, I looked up and there was my wife and kids.

4. I only eat organic, locally-grown jelly beans.

5. Last year for my birthday I got an iPad. This year I got Bratwurst and freshly-sliced bacon. I’m calling it a tie.

6. Princess Leia is my favorite Disney Princess.

7. Unless you hitched a ride to the library to use a computer, you should not be writing articles criticizing the American Dream and the desire for prosperity.

8. Had to have the talk with my kids the the other night…about the Halloween candy tax levied by us parents.

9. All books on materialism should be available only in digital format.

10. We need a generation of pastors and Christian leaders doing small things you will never ever hear anything about.