1. Karen Carpenter’s voice plus Christmas music…oh wait…hang on…I’ve got something in my eye…

2. Everyone is trying to make their Christmas meaningful for their family, we are just trying to keep our kids from throwing up between December 21 and 25.

3. We have just enough electronic devices to get some peace and quiet every now and then, if one goes bad, we may need a lawyer.

4. No matter your vocation you will be prone to try and correct what your pastor says and does. No matter your vocation, you will be prone to ignore your pastor if he has an opinion on how you do your work.

5. Discovered a new band, you’ve never heard of them…no really, that’s their name.

6. Joined a church this past Sunday, first time since leaving vocational ministry. Thinking about joining again…they have a covered dish luncheon for the new members when they join.

7. One of the most exciting parts of Christmas is doing all I can to avoid “Last Christmas” by George Michael.

8. The Calvinist, for all his belief in the depravity of man, should be far more critical of the men within his own tribe, than those without.

9. I know some people may buy the book simply because they think I’m the Christian singer…and I’m OK with that.

10. I don’t know what other people say to themselves to motivate themselves when running, but something that starts with “B” and ends with “acon-wrapped shellfish.”