Food is my comfort food.

Car Wheels On A Gravel Road

Can I be honest? I stood at the end of the Christian section in a bookstore and I was depressed for my own jealousy in being absent among them.

I’m tired of waiting for the new Star Wars movie.

The unvarnished truth in the business world is like a unicorn among the heather.

I never understood why people would ask me to pray for them as a pastor. And then today I was helped to understand why as I reflexively asked my pastor to pray for me after disappointment had its way with me.

Everything is never enough.

Pacifism seems to be the luxurious position of those who’ve no one to protect.

There’s brown and green and then there’s the lush colors of a baseball field.

Sometimes a curse word seems appropriate because it feels as though a curse has landed square upon you.

I wish I could still taste the air of a 13 yr old summer night.

All I want for Valentine’s Day is a bacon cheeseburger.

If I could make teenagers read one book, it would be Sense and Sensibility.

Sometimes I’m just one fried egg sandwich from hoping.

The Psalms as a panic room.

Watching even a few moments of the Super Bowl halftime show made me wanna hate western culture.

Last night the fog hung thick in the air up here on the mountain. You could see it move like bed sheets on a line.

Nothing makes me feel more invincible than when walking with my daughter and she reaches for and holds my hand.

Sometimes I wish I’d known then what I know now. As I get older I wish I knew now what I’d known then.