Thursday’s Random Thoughts

Social media now feels like an awful job.

I now feel like Downton’s creators are just dangling carrots only to snatch them up again.

A long held dream of having a hammock has been realized because of some friends.

Communion and singing the Doxology are the highlight of my week.

Pandora station: Townes Van Zandt + Hank Williams Sr + Jimmie Rodgers

My kids are beautiful and I like to look at them after a day at work.

Remember your word to your servant,                                                                        In which you have made me hope.

I need a few days off work, so if someone sick could come over and hug me and let me drink after them, I’d appreciate it.

Evangelicalism has become a happy-clappy thing.

My wife is beautiful and I like to look at her after a day at work.

Watched The Outlaw Josey Wales for the first time since college this week. Still love it.

I need a clear star-filled night to stand under.

I bet pacifists don’t really like The Outlaw Josey Wales. Sad.

If literature were a religion, Cormac McCarthy would be part of the canon.

David, King of the West Bank Blues.


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