1) If some visitor is sitting in my seat at church on Sunday because they only go to church once or twice a year, I’ma go nuts.

2) Sometimes I forget what I’ve blogged/said and repeat myself. Sorry about that.

3) Do liberals still not like the Patriot Act? Can’t tell.

4) Still waiting on a Groupon for Five Guys.

5) That thing you’re passionate about? Your tendency will be to see everything through that particular lens. And expect everyone else to also.

6) My hometown is getting a new ballpark for the local minor league team. I drove by it today and was blown away with how great it looks. A lot of cynicism about downtown was dealt a blow.

7) Sometimes I forget what I’ve blogged/said and repeat myself. Sorry about that.

8) One of the reasons I continue to go back to C.S. Lewis and Eugene Peterson and Brennan Manning is because of how loving they are towards people in their writings. And even when I disagree with them they seem to be driven in those areas by love of God and man. And I love them for it.

9) My pastor is pretty funny and that means a lot.

10) If Moneyball was on Netflix I would have already seen it a dozen times.

11) In McGrath’s new biography of Lewis, he cannot understand why Lewis would spend 3 chapters in Surprised By Joy talking about his misery in a particular school. This is because McGrath must not understand the place of Joy in a man’s life when his waking moment’s are dominated by experiences which are the opposite of what he is seeking.

12) Numbers have no conscience. Zero.

13) There are a number things in my life I have not gotten right. Choosing a wife is the one thing I’m certain I’ve gotten right. And starting Kozma at SS next week on my fantasy team.