A Moment With Knox, Age 7

Last night I had one of those parental moments I don’t think I’ll ever forget. Not so much for what it taught my son, Knox, but for what it taught me. Reminded me of.

I turned out the lights and prayed with Knox and Dylan. Then as I went to kiss Knox good night, I realized he was upset.

“But I don’t want Easter to be over.”

He does this for every holiday and birthday. Some is exhaustion. Some is real disappointment that the long-awaited event is coming to a close. It was too brief.

So I asked him what it was he loved and would miss. And we ran through the list.

Hiding and looking for eggs? We can do that tomorrow when I get home from work!

The candy? We can eat some after dinner tomorrow night!

The prizes y’all got? We will put the net on the basketball goal and shoot baskets with the new ball until the $6 ball bursts!

And what about celebrating Jesus rising from the dead? Knox, that’s a everyday event. We don’t have to fear death and we have forever with the King of the Universe to look forward to.

Both of us had teary smiles. I kissed him again and quietly thanked God for the reminder. And for a church where I know the importance of the resurrection is not limited to an annual event. And I immediately looked forward to celebrating communion next Sunday.

One thought on “A Moment With Knox, Age 7

  1. Natalie Trust April 1, 2013 / 1:55 pm

    Thanks for sharing this moment with us, Matt.

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