I want to try and answer a few objections I’ve gotten about the SGM sexual abuse lawsuit

The question I get the most in response to my post, “The Silence of the Reformed” is –

“What do you want the Reformed leadership to do?”

Two things.

Say something and discontinue the invites.

Say something. What I keep hearing is we should wait till the verdict comes in to hear both sides because SGM has totally denied the accusations. Therefore no blog posts and no articles till then. Before the trial of Sandusky, an article “Love Notices Wet Hair” was published on The Gospel Coalition site and distributed widely. That article was posted 7 months before he was found guilty. Either we need an admission of how wrong that was, or we need a similar stance. Really all they would need to do is write a blog post that said, “in light of the accusations against SGM we offer this post.” That would be a start.

I would also like to see a public announcement about the need for any and all named parties to stop speaking at conferences. This would benefit everyone. I want you to imagine what it must be like for a victim of abuse to continually hear about the speaking engagements of those who enabled the abusers or were themselves an abuser. To see them rise in popularity. To see them above criticism. When the Reformed community does not see any problem with CJ Mahaney speaking at conferences because he has denied the charges against him and none have to be proven in the courts, our cult of personality has reached an apex.

These two things would go a long way.

Another question. I’ve been asked, “What if the Defendants are innocent?”

With so many testimonies and so many willing to give horrific details and to do so in their own name, not only should this give everyone reason to take this seriously (although we should have done that anyway), it should make us willing to be wrong. It would certainly be an elaborate hoax if the accusers are lying. But I’m more than willing to be wrong for their sake. Someone is going to be wrong. Either those who have said nothing of comfort to the accusers. Or it will be those of us who have pleaded with the Reformed community to speak up.

Last thing. It has been suggested that I write about these things because it helps increase blog traffic and book sales. Maybe those things have happened. But no one who writes for The Gospel Coalition has reviewed my book or even mentioned it. Now I’m small potatoes compared to most writers they deal with. But I’ve written for them. They know my book exists and they have written and linked to similar ideas. I’m afraid my criticism of SGM, Mars Hill and those who have been silent has hurt sales.

I admit I have worried about this. I can only say it has not felt very strategic, as an author, to criticize my own camp.

May God have mercy on us all.