The struggles of others and my own caused me to see something. Life can be very hard. People get sick. Babies are born with serious defects. The food that makes everyone else sing with joy is your enemy. Some starve. Some are starved for affection. And then it hit me, there are those who have no “good news” besides the gospel.

What if the gospel was a person’s only good news?
What if all the stars you once wished upon were now fires waiting to fall upon your balding head?
What if every ray of sun that once warmed your face now burned you to the core?
What if every cool breeze was a reminder of the world’s indifference?
What if every phone call was full of dread?
What if every night sighed for the coming morn and every dawn threatened tears for the day to come?
What if every life you watched lived tempted envy?
Every beauty a reminder of the ugly?
What if every smile was a longing?
What if every word of holy writ was held up to the light in hope like a hardened miner trembles for gold?
And what if you knew yourself so well, the only good news could be forgiveness?
That would be good, news indeed.