The way you’re talking about your beard sounds like a teenage girl talking about her hair.

The Bible is probably more gracious than we are.

I’d rather eat my wife’s cooking than any restaurant’s.

Guys, if you’re apt to quote Dumb and Dumber, you don’t get the moral or intellectual high ground in discussing what books women are reading.

I know it looks like I haven’t written anything substantive for the blog lately. But I have. Some posts take longer than others and this one, well, is taking a while.

Everyone walks around as if Dylan never wrote “When I Paint My Masterpiece” or “Tomorrow Is A Long Time .” Or “Chimes of Freedom.”

It is no wonder that in an entertainment driven culture our churches would naturally veer in that direction. We are a people of spectacle. And the poets are behind the times.

Raccoons venture onto our back patio a couple times a week and I’m starting to get attached.

Someone has suggested that I put my writing and teaching skills together and teach young people about writing. How would I go about that? Did I mention that I made a ‘C’ in Creative Writing in college?

The New Testament was written in the context of intense adversity. It will be the most meaningful when your context is adverse.

I wish I could be entirely honest with an employer and tell them I want honest work and the gift of not hating Sundays because of what follows.

Killed a hipster last night by eating at Olive Garden.

Jesus comforted his audience with the goodness of even the smallest amount of faith.

When the good news is the only good news you are hearing, then it is very good indeed.