More than ever I’m convinced the way forward in all my endeavors is prayer and the Scriptures.

My wife told me I was getting obsessed with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club but I didn’t hear her because I had the headphones on while watching videos of them on YouTube.

While I wait for God to change my circumstances job wise, I have begun praying each morning that he will make me successful where I am. The effects have made me shake my head in wonder.

Most Christian music nowadays sounds like Clay Aiken singing for a knitting circle.

It’s only meaningful there were not more women speaking at the Nines conference if you think the Nines conference was significant.

I’ve discovered a freedom in listening for the Whisper of God regardless of who the mouth is attached to.

The adversity that keeps me from affording a vacation, takes me to glorious places God could not have taken me to otherwise.

Growing up is overrated. Growing old is underrated.

My kids have not only started their Christmas lists, they have already made revisions.

The Bible is full of poetry. We are not. We parse the poetry out and construct how-to lists.