I’m starting to see much of the failure in my faith in Jesus and who he is for me is about tomorrow. What will happen tomorrow? And usually the answer to that question reverts to a negative. There is no sense…or little sense of Jesus being there for tomorrow. Even though the Bible is rife with him telling me he would be.

Knox: Do I have to just be kind to just Dylan (little brother)?
Me: No buddy, you need to be kind to everyone.
Knox: Aww man.

I’ve been asked by a few people why I like the band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club so much. The answer probably requires a full blog post but I’ll tell you two things for the present. They sound like every dream and failure and joy I’ve ever had and all the blood and sweat and tears in between. Back on Oct. 12th after seeing them live I wrote “it was like every raw nerve being plucked by the holy God who flung it all into being.” It still feels that way.

I feel like I’m seeing a trend among Progressives in the church. They want conservatives to stop being conservative and are willing to support legislation to that end. And then they chastise conservatives for feeling persecuted.

Over one 11-season span Lou Gehrig averaged 153 RBIs. That’s averaging one RBI a game for 11 seasons.

I find it hilarious and yet not very funny that Jonathan Merritt among others thinks Jesus would be the photographer of a gay wedding. I cannot think of a
time in church history when any of our theologians thought this, until now. It is absurd journalism. And it’s the very thing liberals always accuse evangelicals of, infusing faith with politics.

A week from today, Bethany and I will celebrate 15 years of two things. First, 15 years of joy in marriage. Second, 15 years of being confused with Matt and Beth Redman.

Most blogging and in fact Christian writing is polemics. Even social media belies this. But it’s rarely polemics of the self. It rarely admits that “I am the problem that needs fixing.” We, Calvinists, should be the first to do this. For the “5 Points” are just that, a polemic of self.

I preached again last Sunday and was glad to do so. But it remains hard to do so and then go back to the bank which is the opposite.

This is a wonderful world to be afraid in.