Thursday’s Random Thoughts

The proof of self-righteousness within a particular tribe of Christianity is it’s unceasing criticism leveled against everyone else but itself.

I like everything with my Sriracha sauce.

I have not seen the Noah movie. But I do think it is reasonable for people to be upset about it if only for one reason. From what I’ve read Noah is not portrayed as a righteous man in the movie. But he is described as one in Genesis 6:9. You can debate all day about whether that’s a problem or not but it’s certainly reasonable for people to expect Noah to be portrayed as righteous in the movie and then be upset when he is not. I would be very upset about a version of Pride and Prejudice portraying Lizzie and Jane as whores. As would all who love those characters as I do.

I cannot remember the last time I had a good night’s sleep. Or bacon.

Rachel Held Evans is a General in the culture wars.

Last night I taught a small group of pre-teens and it reminded me of why I went into and loved youth ministry.

On Monday my sons had tee ball and baseball practice. Coaches never let me hit though.

The force with which we, evangelicals, typically talk about evangelism and missions is far afield of the way the Apostles did. Way far afield. I don’t understand why this is ok with so many people. You can not find one place in the NT where the person in the pew is made to feel guilty about the unreached. Go ahead. Go look. I’ll wait. Why do we think this is laudable? And it’s done usually by people who do not know the people they are preaching to. They fly in and thunder guilt for which they have no biblical precedent.

I now prefer my wife’s cooking over all other foods. Especially if I’m eating it with her.

My next book may have to be a study for young communicants because the one my daughter goeth through is not makingeth it.

Music made by Christians should not sound like Clay Aiken singing for a knitting circle. It should sound like the creation of all things, the thundering weight of the fall, empty tombs, horseman of the apocalypse tramping through visions of the exiled, breaking hearts, dreams shattered, redemption birthed through suffering, the blood, sweat and tears of this beautiful and terrible world. Our music should sound like the return of the King of Kings and the making of all things new. It should at least sound like this –

22 thoughts on “Thursday’s Random Thoughts

  1. monax April 3, 2014 / 9:00 pm

    Pews? There were pews in the NT?

    • mattbredmond April 3, 2014 / 9:02 pm

      This is the single greatest response I have ever received on my blog. You should get a prize.

      • monax April 3, 2014 / 9:14 pm


        You know, I think “person in the pew” is code for lay person in contradistinction to clergy person. Language of hierarchy. Language of Rome and the Whore of Babylon.

        Do you have any nut prizes? Almonds? Cashews? Pistachios? A mixed bag is ok.

      • monax April 3, 2014 / 9:17 pm

        Matt, how do you feel about hierarchy in the Body of Christ? Is such a thing Biblical?

      • mattbredmond April 3, 2014 / 9:21 pm

        Sorry this veers from subject. Talk to an Elder or Deacon even.

      • monax April 3, 2014 / 9:24 pm

        I veered from random subject? So conversation shut down?

      • mattbredmond April 3, 2014 / 9:35 pm

        Yep. Keeps the wheels on.

  2. Sergius Martin-George April 3, 2014 / 9:42 pm

    Matt, I understand that Sriracha Sauce goes great with the Captain’s Platter at the Fish Market in Hoover (gentle reminder ;).

    Yo, Monax! What up, ‘dawg?

  3. monax April 3, 2014 / 9:58 pm

    I’m not quite sure what sort of blog I stumbled upon, but if SMG is here—I smell trouble. What’s up buddy! I need to get an email out to you in the next month or so. Somehow I know you’ve been praying for me, every so often when the Lord puts me on your heart. Thank you, bro!

    Matt, I’m assuming you support a clergy / laity distinction in the church, and with your seminary experience I trust you have a working knowledge of the Greek. That’s why I broached the topic.

    You direct me to talk to an Elder or a Deacon. Really? Like who? I know none who would have the expertise to support what the Word of God does not support. I’m looking for men of wisdom and knowledge to help me form a proper biblical understanding of the true nature and scope of spiritual authority.

    Here’s some of my thoughts on the matter:

    I’m not here to pick a fight, but to have my irons sharpened. Would love a dialogue on this with those who might be free and called to such a challenge.

    David, in Pittsburgh

  4. Sergius Martin-George April 3, 2014 / 10:01 pm

    Monax, I might be doing a summer intensive at Trinity in Ambridge, so definitely e-mail me, bro! We can pour Sriracha Sauce on one of those PIttsburghesa sandwiches with the French fries built right in.

    • monax April 3, 2014 / 10:05 pm

      This is most awesome, SMG! We’ll get a chance to meet up.

      Are you doing any language studies at Trinity?

  5. Sergius Martin-George April 3, 2014 / 10:10 pm

    No, no heavy stuff, just browsing — History of Liturgy with Colin Buchanan. Three days and out. Speaking of which, sorry Matt, we’ll “take it outside” after this — don’t mean to hijack your blog for personal use. 😉

  6. erunner April 3, 2014 / 11:22 pm

    Hello Matt! My first time posting here but I read your stuff when Michael links to it and I find it interesting.

    Music is a huge part of my life and I listen to all types after being told for many years I was to avoid secular music as it was carnal…… anyway I enjoy praise and worship music quite a bit. God has used it to soothe my spirit during difficult times.

    Yet I have read so often how much of it is shallow and presented as “Jesus is my boyfriend” music. In other words quite shallow.

    I’m not sure what or you were referring to when you made the Clay Aiken comment.

    I listened to the song you posted and didn’t really enjoy it. It didn’t do anything for me which is a subjective comment as it’s clear you enjoy it.

    Often I think about “Christian music” as there is so much to choose from and I listen to quite a bit of it. I think about stuff that critics and others might pan for any number of reasons. And then I think what if whoever wrote and performed this music was doing the best they could and it was from their heart. How might God receive that music? Could He be more pleased with the feeble efforts of some than other music that is critically accepted by so many?

    I used to coach many years ago when our son was in tee ball and one of the parents wanted me tossed off the team for not running up the score in games we were winning! Fond memories.

    I hope you’re well. Allan

  7. dread7 April 4, 2014 / 1:32 am

    Noah was depicted as unclear about what God wanted from him. He was righteous in that he was totally committed to what he perceived. People say he acted unrighteous because they are unwilling to deal with the implications of unclear communication. They think that will reflect badly on God. I thought it was brilliant and interesting and painful and it was resolved. Noah did not act unrighteously he was completely faithful to the covenant as he could discern it.

  8. Dan from Georgia April 4, 2014 / 3:01 am

    Ah, you hit upon my favorite whipping boy again..Christian music! I agree. Most of the music I like is performed skillfully and, frankly, is kind of heavy and loud…i.e.,not CCM.

  9. tclark April 4, 2014 / 7:36 pm


  10. Caridad Elswick April 6, 2014 / 7:05 am

    I decided to stop reading Christian Media because all one finds there are stories of corruption. But I decided to read your post and it made me smile. May The Lord bless you.

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