1) Really, outside of hitting, pitching and fielding the Cardinals are having a great April.

2) It is no Alarmism to assume pastors may soon risk much when preaching the Scriptures.

3) I walked into my daughter’s room and she was singing along to U2, so I’m winning, right?

4) In the new heavens and earth the way we think about ourselves will be a perfect reflection of how we really are. We will not overestimate our abilities nor undervalue what we can offer to others. We will, without irony or arrogance, see ourselves as we really are, reflecting the glory of the Holy King.

5) Vegetable hungry is harder than potato chip hungry.

6) If the purpose of Heaven Is for Real is to help people believe just that. My question is why did they not believe it before? The Scriptures are clear on its existence and goodness. What other fundamental doctrine of the Christian faith is not then believed in the Scripture that needs a multimedia campaign to be believed?

7) Read everything by Rod Dreher, especially this.

8) I know the “Five Points of Calvinism” are out of fashion, but I’m still thankful for them. Starting with our Total Depravity is a good practice in all our endeavors. It keeps us humble and reminds us the problem lies within us and not merely outside us.

9) Sometimes the kindest thing I can do for my kids is to not let them do what they want to do. Every parent knows this, if only instinctively. Why would we not expect the same kindness from God, our