1) The two writers who make me wanna write the most these days are Hemingway and Marilynne Robinson. I think I get them. What they are doing with voice and the use of words. And their sparse handling.

2) I saw someone on social media say Mark Driscoll is far more of a man than his accusers. You know, that may be true of some of them. Since many are women.

3) My first thought, though completely foolish, when my daughter started having a fever, was Ebola. When a nurse who worked with an Ebola patient had a fever, she got on a plane.

4) Marilynne Robinson’s new novel is heartbreakingly good. I don’t know how she keeps doing this. It’s as good as the last two if not better.

5) Until the world doesn’t see our religious leaders as coddled, comfortable, and wealthy, we will continue to lose credibility.

6) Sometimes you just wanna hear, “I blew it. That was wrong.” It’s so rare in the business world and it’s rare in churches.

7) People have asked where I am in the search for a pastoral position. I’ve basically quit looking. It’s exhausting. I’ve come to terms with the idea I’m not what churches are looking for. Maybe that’s a really good thing, for me and them. So for the time being I’m hoping to find work that pays enough for my wife to no longer have to clean houses. And I’m writing.

8) A good book on a cool morning is a treasure worth seeking out.

9) My small group has been going though Yancey’s What’s So Amazing About Grace and I hate that we’ve come to the part about forgiveness. I’m not very good at forgiveness.

10) There is a loneliness that will never be solved by the presence of even the most loving people. I bump up against this often, I think. You’d think it would manifest itself in sadness. But often it’s anger. Rage. Cruelty. A coldness.