Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1) One of my favorite customers is an elderly doctor from India. When he walks he shuffles his feet just like my Dad would and it’s makes me glad and sad to see him.

2) The great problem of the neo-Calvinist movement can be summed up in how relentless the leaders of the movement and their followers go after men like Joel Osteen and Rob Bell when they release a new book. They write articles and passive-aggressive tweets. But when Janet Medford actually point blank confronted Mark Driscoll on her radio show about the plagiarism in his books, she was painted as the “bad guy” by Justin Taylor, et al.

3) Seamus Heaney

4) Remember that time I was listening to Ryan Adams in my truck and then went into Publix and Bryan Adams was playing and I had just been talking about both of them because it was their birthday and then I went home and heard one of my kids listening to the Tangled soundtrack and Mandy Moore is in Tangled and she is married to Ryan Adams?

5) I am so so tired of not eating pizza every night.

6) There is a scene in the first season of Lost when Boone asks Locke what he did for a living before they crashed on the Island. Locke tells him he was a collections supervisor for a box company and he gives Boone this look with a smile. Boone, after all he has seen John Locke do, says, “Yeah, right.” I want to one day give someone that look.

7) There are a bazillion ways for a place of employment to humiliate you and steal little bits of your dignity.

8) Ryan Adams is great music if you love old school country, folk, punk, metal, and classic rock.

9) So last week I got another email from a church letting me know they were not interested in me as an associate pastor. I sent them my info three months ago.

Three months.

10) Adulthood sucks.

One thought on “Thursday’s Random Thoughts

  1. Adam Shields November 6, 2014 / 7:43 pm

    I really can’t understand turn around times at churches. I go to a church (and have nothing to do with hiring) where a friend told me that he was applying for a job. He said the church has a reputation of taking a year to actually hire a position. Sometimes when there is only one person applying and everyone agrees they are the right person it can still take 6-8 months. That just makes no sense.

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