1. I have gone back through the letters to the churches and even though Paul and the other Apostles had ample opportunity to complain about a government far more unjust than our own, and yet… nothing.

2. It is very easy to let the hope of a good thing kill contentment.

3. I don’t care who you are and how cool you are, the newest needtobreathe album is a really great album.

4. Young people need to know that one day they may be very good at their job and still feel like you are missing out. There is no way of figuring this out. There are no answers. But there is a God who is faithful when life is not what you thought it would be. When vocational fulfillment is not. And all the motivational posters have let you down.

5. Christians should be the last people in the world to be excited about a coming year. None of us knows what is coming. Your year may be full of death and tragedy and disappointment. Only wealthy, healthy westerners assume the best. Those who have stared into the eyes of death and walked gingerly through the valley of the shadow of his land know this. Assume only this, the One who has defeated death is faithful unto death.

6. You do know that the journalists are making a killing off your outrage, don’t you?

7. I’m tired of not eating fried chicken.

8. You are probably more worried about your kids saying a cuss word than you are about whether they are kind to the awkward, uncool kids.

9. All of Paul’s outrage seems to be reserved for the Judaizers. Not Roman politicians. Not soldiers.

10. I would rather eat my wife’s cooking than the fare of any 5 star restaurant.