The Village Church is wrong to not allow a woman to divorce ( or get annulment) after she discovered her husband is and has been a pedophile since before their marriage.

And they are wrong for one simple reason.

There is no verse in the Scriptures that says a woman or man must get permission from the elders of their church to get a divorce (or annulment) in the case of adultery.

Go ahead and look.

You done? Good.

Therefore it is not a sin to not get permission from them if the spouse is justified in doing so.

Therefore, there is no basis for church discipline based on the Scriptures. Of course, according to the church “covenant” she did break their rule.

Any church covenant that requires such permission to be granted is a binding of conscience and is in fact, sinful.

They need to apologize and let her resign her membership. But they will not.


One other thing. I keep hearing “there is more to the story.” There always is. But the critics of TVC are working off the narrative TVC has emailed to its members. If they are disciplining Karen based on a different narrative with some other sin involved, then they are being dishonest with their members. When Matt Chandler said there was more information that he was not able to release publicly, he left all who read that statement to believe it would be information that would cause the critics of TVC to reconsider their criticisms. That would have to be information that is damaging to Karen, right? What else could it be? If there is further information about Karen that would legitimize her being disciplined, shouldn’t that information be part of the information sent to members? But if there is no further information that would justify their actions, TVC needs to simply deal with the information they have made public.