1. There is nothing not stupid about the Jenner story.

2. The Blues, whether they are manifest in song, poetry, autobiography or fiction, help us know we are not alone in hard times. They are the opposite of those awful tinny voices who want us to be positive and cheer up. The Blues are a thick echo of grace. The others? A clanging echo from the dungeon of law.

3. Put no hope in a politician.

4. The other day I remembered the utter confusion of struggling through writing a paper on a Greek tragedy while simultaneously being full of wonder. A good preparation for adulthood, I suppose.

5. I think the evangelical subculture is wrong to focus on the Bruce Jenner and think it is about sexuality and gender. It is primarily about words and language and the belief in the sovereignty of self.

6. Put no hope in a movement.

7. Once again I saw a young white pastor talk about how Christians need to interact with people who are different than them on a regular basis. I looked at the staff at his church and everyone was white and seemingly middle class like him. Most people who work in the “secular” world are already doing that big guy.

8. Wendell Berry’s poems are most likely the best $20 I’ve spent in a long time. That’s about a dime per poem. They are worth far, far more.

9. I tried to watch and fully enjoy the show Daredevil, but I couldn’t handle the violence. It’s gratuitous and pornographic.

10. Celebrity Christianity has made it nearly impossible to evaluate teaching and it has created an atmosphere where an abuse victim is a pariah who is unwilling to suffer quietly.

11. Last night I was sitting with my lovely wife at the neighborhood pool, the kids were swimming, the weather was perfect, and there was that “stab of joy” and the realization of being sustained by grace. Life is hard, but there are moments when your eyes open and a veil is lifted and His goodness is seen in a moment.

12. I cannot help but believe poetry and our need for it is part of our created-ness. The Scriptures themselves are shot through with poetry. The Prophets and Psalmists were poets. Why would God speak to us in a form for which we were not hard-wired? When our prose and the song lyrics we sing along with get close to poetry and field echoes of the craft, we can feel the electric joy, that magic of words, which can cause us to stare into the night sky and sometimes punch a hole in the very same.

13. It is hard to give things away but once done, there is an inexplicable freedom. Maybe it’s a reverse echo of the death we will all one day face. And every time we let go of something here we are dying a little in the best possible way and taking one more step into the land for which were created.