1. As I organize these thoughts I’m listening to a 1964 version of The Times They Are a-Changin’ and it sounds more Christian than what you would expect. 

2. The goal is to never forget the pure crystal clear misery I experienced in my previous job. And may I deal with others who may be experiencing a similar misery without forgetting with grace and mercy.

3. A depression settled over me earlier this week and I couldn’t figure out what it was. And then I remembered baseball season was over.

4. I have been in church all my life and have never heard a sermon on non-violence towards my enemy.

5. Our local school system will be rezoning soon. They are pretending to listen to parents. But they can and will do whatever they want. And forcibly take our money through taxes making it all but impossible but for a few to choose something different.

6. Jesus was killed for the sake of God and Country.

7. Books and records while the children sleep.

8. Is it crazy for me to be uncomfortable with pastors who make significantly more than me, asking/pleading with me to give? 

9. The cold is coming. The clear nights. And  an alive-ness to the night so still you can hear the heartbeat of other lives through bare branches.

10. This past week I talked very briefly with a parent whose child was sexually abused while a part of SGM. I could hear a hopelessness for any kind of justice this side of eternity. And I ask you to remember the absolute silence of thecelebrity pastors and CJ Mahaney before you share an article by them on social media.

11. My wife’s smile has healing powers.