Yes. I have independently published a book. And because it is a collection of random thoughts and a few essays from this blog, I felt like I would rip a hole in the space-time-mass continuum by not telling you all about it in the format you have come to expect from me.

1. A while back my wife and I talked about doing something like this. Of course, we were thinking all of the random thoughts. Not just the “pastoral” ones.

2. I published this independently because I knew no publisher would touch it. I wouldn’t blame them. And the temptation would be to do it differently. And this is what I wanted to put out there, especially when I realized what I had on my hands.

3. This will not make me rich but I may be able to take my wife to Wendy’s or buy some vinyl.

4. This book is a terrible business decision. And I assume some people will think this is a terrible idea. Which is possibly why I love it so much.

5. One thing I learned as I was culling these “thoughts” is my random thoughts were not as pastoral as I would have liked. I was disappointed to see far too much righteous indignation and not enough words of comfort. There is grace enough for this too.

6. There are a few of these pastoral thoughts I think are worth the price of admission. I couldn’t believe I actually wrote them.

7. It was no surprise to me when I gathered all the more “pastoral” random thoughts they were a reflection of my own struggles and grief over the past five years. I was looking for comfort and hope, which is the goal of this book.

8. Typos and formatting issues? Perfect.

9. Hemingway said, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” As I look back on what it took for these thoughts to be born, I understand that now.

10. My hope? Maybe this little book can be a refreshing drink for thirsty souls. Hopefully these thoughts are little shafts of light for the way home in a blackened night. Anchors for the storm. And hopefully notes of grace when all you can hear is silence. Good news for those need it.

You can purchase it here.