Random Thoughts for Thursday

1. Close enough to opening day of baseball to plan the day’s menu.

2. While we were sinners – in other words, not measuring up – Christ died us. The powers and systems of this world are constantly checking to see if we measure up.

3.  I drove by the house I grew up in yesterday, it looked like a foreclosure. There was no sign of the love and happiness and wonder I knew there. All that had gone. My sons were with me and I’m sure they could no more imagine beauty among the near ruin as they could a trip to the moon.

4. The scriptures value music and song deeply. But it is never merely entertainment. It is always help along “the way.”

5. Eugene Peterson has ruined me. Him and Calvin. 

6. My wife cooks all things well.

7. Listening to Van Morrison on vinyl.

8. There is a huge difference between those who see the gospel as merely the message we take to others and those who see the gospel as the daily reality by which all reality is understood.

9. I have been thinking a lot about writing lately. And “Publishing.” And wondering if the church is doing it right. How are we different outside of our message? Are we supposed to be charging people for books that are to give them life and hope? Charging the same? Marketing the same? All our books we charge so much for spring from writings that were freely distributed because they were giving life and hope to people.

10. One of the values of Paul saying he resolved to know nothing but Christ and him crucified is that we are prone to veer into issues being the one thing we are tempted to make the main thing.

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