Random Thoughts for the Weekend

1. One of the benefits of re-reading books is seeing different things. I’ve always attributed that to missing something in the earlier readings. But I think it’s more likely that I’m reading through a lens of my experiences and as those experiences and circumstances grow and change, what I see changes. What I’ve been  going through colors the reading.

2. Morrison’s Astral Weeks has the greatest intro of all the music ever recorded. It sounds like all the beauty ever looked for.

3. One of the things I miss about being a pastor is being able to sit and talk with people without being on a clock. 

4. I’m now at the point where I’d rather eat at home than eat out. Is that part of growing old?

5. The greatest hindrance to my growth in grace/following Jesus is my fear of tomorrow.

6. Do you not know the politicians are telling you what you want to hear until they don’t have to?

7. Prayer, the one thing I need to be doing, I find the hardest to do.

8. Though surrounded by violence, the early church stood apart without killing their enemies.

9. Seamus Heaney is worth the digging it takes to get down into his poems. There’s good soil. Much grows there.

10. The other night I sat and watched my sons play and we listened to an old Van Morrison record. It was one of those moments when everything stood still, though the record spun and the toys clinked. Are these not holy moments, when we see the beauty of what God has given?

One thought on “Random Thoughts for the Weekend

  1. Dudley Harris January 30, 2016 / 9:07 am

    My wife and I were just talking about #1 last night. What we are going through, or have gone through, “colors” what we see and hear. Hence, the political debate. FOX reporter and MSNBC reporter see and hear the exact same event but come away with diametrically opposed descriptions of what they saw. The same can be true with a husband and wife.

    We do it every day without realizing it.

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