Random Thoughts for the Weekend


1. Spring in Alabama is glorious. The colors are almost false. But memory serves and the blooming brilliance rings true. And then the mercy of dusk when the cut sweet smell of grass dances with the wild onion and you wonder if the moment will ever come again.

2. There are a number of pastors you can hear from on social media and they do not sound like the gospel is good news in any shape, form, or fashion.

3. Who wants to start a business where we are not staring at screens all day?

4. The remarkable thing about listening to Jason Isbell live is he sounds the same, only better.

5. Once again I’ve heard from a man leaving the pastorate. As one who left also, I understand. But I also want to communicate how much I’d like to return. How much I miss. And how I feel like a square peg being pushed through round pin holes.

6. The great thing about buying albums on eBay is that you have to wait at least a week for it to come in a world where everything is instantaneous.

7. If you could pray for my fantasy baseball team. I have some hard decisions to make about who to start in the outfield.

8. I understand people’s need to make Easter something to be happy about. The day of the year. But happy doesn’t cut it. There a 364 days in the year when the good news of the resurrection is necessary information to be reminded of.

9. Bethany by the window in the early morning light.

10. The week after Easter I’ll start teaching a Sunday School geared toward young familes. I cannot stop thinking about it. Every event, every song, every word read seems relevant, useful, spoils in the war east of Eden.


One thought on “Random Thoughts for the Weekend

  1. Anna March 28, 2016 / 7:54 am

    #3 – I’m in! 🙂

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