Thursday’s Random Thoughts

1. It’s been a long time since I’ve been unable to stop listening to an album. But Brian Fallon’s debut solo album, Painkillers, is playing nonstop on my phone at work, in my car, and soon on my turntable.

2. What is happening in politics today is not happening in a vacuum. This is the downstream effect of a culture that values Beyoncé over Dickinson. A “Dumb and Dumber” culture that eschews any deep thought in deference to brainless entertainment.

3. I’ve been reading the new book on Ty Cobb and it’s really wonderful. But it’s also sad because he was nothing like how he was portrayed by Ken Burns. He was not a bigot. His favorite book? Les Miserables.

4. I have very little worry about my son’s desire to have a girlfriend. Mainly because he is always wearing a Pokemon shirt and carrying around Ninjago books.

5. If the government does become the active enemy of the church, those who hold basic theologically conservative positions will be seen as rebels to the state. Many who call themselves a Christian and use the language of the church will fall away. Others will become our accusers.

6. I’m teaching a Sunday School of about 50 plus young parents and it dawned on me that most of them could have been my students when I was doing youth ministry.

7. There are few things I love more than driving with the windows down in early summer.

8. If number 5 above does happen, the NT is clear, we are called to believe the good news is true and love our enemy.

9. I’m normally an early riser but I feel like I could sleep for days.

10. “And there’s a hole in you now/Like the windshield was taken out/And everybody’s hurt, and mine ain’t the worst/But it’s mine and I’m feelin’ it now”

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