Random Thoughts

1. At some point we will learn to wait. Until then we will send out bromides while knowing next to nothing.

2. Going to a Jason Isbell show at the Alabama Theatre and listening to everyone sing “Alabama Pines” is a powerful thing. My heart didn’t stop beating till about 1 AM. 

3. It’s not that I’m not writing. I’m writing as much as my hands will let me. And right now that’s a short devotional for my SS class each morning, excluding Sundays. And it’s the most enjoyable writing I’ve ever done.

4. Went to a BBQ restaurant and couldn’t finish my meal. I don’t even know me anymore.

5. I’m really not sure who you could compare Jason Isbell to. His ability to play guitar masterfully, write great melodies with truly poetic lyrics, and have a voice as great as an Alabama dusk, seem pretty unparalleled right now.

6. In two weeks we’re going on vacation and I feel as if we’ll sail into that rest with tattered sails.

7. I don’t wanna brag but I did win the cornhole tournament at work.

8. I miss my parents. It comes and goes. But for some reason I’ve missed them in a deep way this past week. You never really move past the grief, you just get used to it being there.

9. I couldn’t believe how many older folks were at the Isbell show. I’m talking 70 plus years old. It was great.

10. Going to a great concert is fun. But going with Bethany is my absolute favorite. Especially when she enjoys it as much as I do.

Random Thoughts

1. The older I get the more comfort I find in the things I don’t understand about God. When I was younger I wanted all the blanks filled in. The pages full of explanations. But as my hair grays and my joints stiffen a little, I am content with mystery. Not knowing reminds me now that I am not God and my frustration at not understanding is a kind of reaching for the wrong  fruit in a garden full of what is freely offered. This is a kind of sober worship, I think.

2. I’ve listened to just about every recording by Bill Mallonee. And I can tell you, none have disappointed. Everyone worth my time. That’s pretty incredible considering there are more than 70 albums. 

3. The way normal people talk about football teams and players they don’t like – ridicule, anger, etc. is exactly what most of us tell our children is unacceptable  when they are actually playing a game of any sort. We teach them gloating and ridicule is unacceptable behavior and then blow up social media every weekend with the same. 

4. Not too crazy about the new Wilco. And the artwork is awful. Too much irony. But a bad Wilco album is still interesting.

5. I just finished Russ Ramsey’s book, Struck, which is coming in 2017. It is a truly wonderful book. The writing is superb. But what I can’t get over is how unique it is. And it just drips with the wonder of God’s grace, sufficient for whatever comes our way.

6. High and lonesome records with coffee as the sun rises.

7. I don’t know if the people I work with get me. My family sometimes – oftentimes look askance at me. But pizza? Pizza gets me.

8. I was listening to Jason Isbell yesterday and noticed something I had not noticed before. I think one of the reasons he’s such a great songwriter is how efficient he is with words coupled with brilliant details of the human condition, we can all relate to. That’s rare.

9. There is nothing you can read in a news story that can change the reality of Jesus’ unending reign stretching into forever and evermore.

10. It’s taken me days to work on this post. What I once did quickly now takes me much more time. My hands hurt. The doc isn’t entirely sure what it is but it’s certainly caused by typing all day long. It’s disappointing. But what rings in my ear is my pastor’s recent sermon where he asked, “Are you willing to experience unfairness so you can be a blessing to the world?” The answer to that question changes as the pain increases and the weight of being a writer is considered against what is at stake in that question. Please pray for me.

Random Thoughts

1. I really do no think we can think about heaven too much. Maybe I’m speaking for myself alone here, but I tend to forget the hope of heaven when the pains of this world are few. When sorrows are kept at bay. When the engine lights are off and ease is the order of the day. Heaven is not then on my mind ’cause I’m tasting it here. Maybe I’m alone in this but I’m guessing I’m not.

2.  I’ve been listening to Bill Mallonee (formerly of Vigilantes of Love) this past week and it hurts to know that many of the instruments he’s used in the songs I’m listening to are now gone, just so he can pay the bills. Maybe that’s why his songs are so good. He has some blood in the game. I mean how people are we listening to struggle to keep the lights on?

3. I had pizza last night and all was well.

4. Last night I went to a Samford University Women’s Volleyball game. The brains and athleticism are an impressive display. The joy and smiles on their faces are inspiring. And it was fun for everyone. Even the losing team looked like they were having fun. It seems to me this is what college sports should be about. 

5. It is hard to read of Mother Teresa’s own medical care at first world hospitals and the testimonies of those who worked with her talk about the disparity of the care they provided to the poor.

6. An entertainment obsessed culture will care little that those making the money on the entertainment knew the entertainment was irrevocably harming the entertainers, but kept the hurting in the dark. Entertainment rules.

7. The church must be able to love while not flinching in her convictions.

8. My kids ask me 457 questions a day and I know the answer to maybe three.

9. We live in a culture where if you are rich and famous you are more likely to receive free meals and gifts than if you are poor.

10. I love my early mornings alone. More than that, I love Bethany interrupting them.